Anybody who has lived in New York City for any appreciable amount of time has experienced the strange encounters that make our city so dynamic.

And let’s be honest, dynamic in this context includes both the super-cool and the grossly negative.  Those of you who have beaked up and told us about your experiences seem to agree.

Here are some of our favorites:

Roy: Just saw my ex smooching a sleezy-pig on Columbus Circle. I’m feeling funny but not laughing #chirpaboutnyc

In a city of more than 8 million, you run into the one person you wanted to avoid at the exact moment she’s doing something you most definitely don’t want to see?  How does that happen?


Strange Encounters with animals seem to be oddly prevalent.  Okay, they’re mostly with rats:

Manny: At a #Bronx park, dog bites me and the owner shouts OMG what’d you do to him? Why the hell you’re asking me? I’m the victim. #onlyintheboogiedown

Vivian: At nail salon off Myrtle when rat runs in off the street. No panic, no commotion…. Biz as usual. #chirpaboutnyc

Pennyluvsu: Watching two rats frolic and chase each other on the subway tracks. Just did the same with my boyfriend. Highlight of my day.

Subway rats have your eyes misting over in loving reminiscence?  Good for you, Pennyluvsu!  


You’re not the only one with a romantic encounter on the mind:

@tinosanza: The girl @ the gym: We’ve been eye flirting for nearly 2 years. Wonder if a word will ever chirp out of one of us.

Christina: It’s a gorgeous evening in #NYC. In the mood to hookup. Thank God for #Tinder. #chirpaboutnyc 

Jasmine: He’s my bartender, he’s my shrink. He’s becoming a best friend. Wish I could make him my boyfriend.


Or not:

Juana Works: Near Bryant Park. Watched a guy ignore whatever his girlfriend was saying while staring at the sky. He asks her, “What direction do you think King Kong fell off the Empire State Building?”


But geez, New Yorkers, maybe chill out with the stalking tendencies a little?  You’re giving us all a bad name.

Alessandra: Stalking has reached all new highs as of lately. #CanILiveinpeace ?

Kyle: Everytime I come and go my neighbor’s eye is in her peep hole. Maybe I should come and go thru my fire escape #chirpaboutnyc

Edgar: I’m hiding behind my window shades, it’s funny when people don’t think that you see them. Stop digging up your ass Mr. Johnson #chirpaboutNYC

Bennett: Dude get your eyeballs out of my phone and stop hovering over me. #nyctrainproblems #chirpaboutnyc


One of the main facets of life in NYC that we can all relate with are the encounters with people you do not know (and most definitely do not want to know):

Crazy Kizzy: Am I the only one in #NYC who pretends to be crazy just to be left alone and to get away with certain things? Lying down full body on the #train. Got my own corner. #chirpaboutnyc

Nina: Does this guy really think hes on Broadway? Shouting at the top of his lungs #I LOVE NY. We do too. But were not weird about it..#chirpaboutnyc

V 4 Vida: This is NYC. We cross the street when we feel like it! So don`t try to correct me again U A-hole #strangeencounters


People don’t seem to be chirping about the people they already know well.  However, people that they kind of know?:

Monet Burkett: At my job there’s a good bandit on the loose. Somebody keeps stealing my lunch out of the office frig. Bring your own lunch jerk. I know who you are. #chirpaboutnyc

Jason: My 68 years old neighbor just asked me if I had a joint to sell. Mean while Mr. Marley’s playing in the background #OnlyinNYC #strangeencounters

    @—@: Yasssss! Rastafarianism knows no age limitations. Burn the sacrament

Phil: That awkward moment when you’re out on your balcony at the same time as the people you’ve left passive- aggressive notes #chirpaboutnyc

Samantha:  I just moved in and already my neighbor’s asking me to barrow some sugar.

Lester: Only in NY does someone insist your someone you’re not. Maybe I should play along. #chirpaboutnyc


But all is not friction, or stranger than fiction, in Gotham:

Leo: New Yorkers are not so bad. At a bar I’ve gotten kisses, drinks and an invitation to stay at the Plaza. Right place. Right time. I’m from Colorado.

Read tea leaves: Just when you think you can’t stand another second underground, a total stranger comes along and fans you and your sweaty toddler #iloveNYC

There is love in NYC yet!


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